We are Moving, now what?

Renting can sometimes prove challenging for the pet-owner as many landlords have been left "holding the bag" so to say, and it has soured the idea of allowing pet's on their properties. Below are a selection of useful sites and resources for those who plan to buy/rent with a pet.


You've got a pet and you need a place for both of you to live. It's not a secret that some landlords aren't crazy about renting to people with dogs or cats. So how do you find the apartment of your dreams and take your beloved animal with you? We've got tips to find pet-friendly housing. Once you score that apartment, find out how to move your furry friend that minimizes stress on both of you.



One of the top three reasons pet owners tell shelters they are giving up their pet is because of “moving” or “landlord” – but with some extra flexibility and knowledge about how to find a pet-friendly rental, or negotiating with your landlord, it doesn’t have to be that way! It is true that finding a rental apartment or house when you have pets can take extra time, patience, flexibility and effort, but isn’t keeping your pets worth it?  Here are some tips for finding your ideal pet-friendly rental so you and your furry family can stay together.



Information for renters with pets.  Learn to resolve landlord issues and find housing for you and your pet.